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AC4010 3-in-1 Table Top Air Cleaning System

$69.99 $59.99

The Guardian Technologies germguardian 3-in-1 Table Top Air Cleaning System is the perfect air purifier for the home or office. Small but powerful, its convenient compact size processes the air in a 200 square foot room every hour. This complete air cleaning system contains four powerful layers that: capture 99.97% of airborne allergens, kill airborne mold spores and fight germs and unwanted odors.
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Also Available:  FLT4010 Replacement Filter

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SPRING SALE!-TAKE 25% OFF OUR PRICE!- AC4010 3-in-1 Table Top Air Cleaning System
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Features & Benefits:
HEPA Filter
Captures up to 99.97% of airborne allergens such as household dust, pet dander, mold spores and plant pollens
UV Technology
UV light works with filters to kill germs
Removes Odor
Removes odors and smoke particles from the air with activated carbon filter
Kills Airborne Mold Spores
Kills airborne mold spores and other allergens
Room Size
Processes the air in small to medium-sized rooms
Four Levels of Cleaning:
   1. Charcoal Filter - Removes odors and smoke particles
   2. HEPA Filter - Captures 99.97% of allergens
   3. PCO Filter - Captures and dissolves airborne bacteria and mold
   4. UV Light - Works with filters to destroy germs
Product Specifications:
Model Number: AC4010
Input Voltage: 120 Volts AC, 60Hz
Cord Length:
Housing Material: Plastic
Filters: All-in-One
Filter Replacement: FLT4010
Filter Weight: .15 pounds
Length: 8.5 inches
Width: 10 inches
Height: 4.5 inches
Weight: 3.25 pounds
Warranty: 1-year limited warranty (see instruction manual for further warranty information.)
Fan Speed: Low, Medium and High
Do I need to replace any filters?
Yes. It is recommended that you change the HEPA and Charcoal Filter (combination, all-in-one filter) every 6 months depending on use to maintain an optimal level of air purification in your home.
Where should I use the product?
This product is recommended for indoor use only. Most people like to put the unit in rooms of their house where they spend the most amount of time such as the living room, bedroom and kitchen areas. It's great to have with you at work too.
How long is the warranty?
The warranty is 1-year limited. For detailed warranty specifications please refer to the warranty section in the instruction manual.

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I love mine!

Posted by: Vickie

I have 3 cats and a dog that go in and out of my bedroom all the time. The dog and 1 cat sleep in the room too. The air is noticeably cleaner and better for sleeping. It adds bonus with white noise which is awesome if you have Tinnitus because it masks it.

What's great about it: Everything What's not so great: the cost of the replacement filter

It's not bad

Posted by: Jeremy

I moved into a basement apartment that was damp and stinky. Despite the fact that I don't think this purifier is as quite as some say, it does a good job of keeping the dust out of the air, and keeping me from catching a cold!

What's great about it: whats great about it? What's not so great: whats not so great about it?

Amazing! Will buy another!

Posted by: Matt

This product is great! It is small but powerful. I have had it for a week and I already notice a difference in the air quality.

What's great about it: Small size What's not so great: whats not so great about it?

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