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GGH200 pureguardian Clean2 Hand Vac & UV-C Air Sanitizer

$99.99 $39.99

Our Guardian Technologies® pureguardian Clean2 is a cordless hand vacuum plus a UV-C air sanitizer in one easy-to-use product. The UV-C air sanitizing base works continuously to kill 99% of airborne bacteria and mold spores. It also fights odors while always keeping your hand vac charged.
The hand vac has 7.2 volts of rechargeable power that allows you to vacuum up dry spills and messes fast. The dirt cup in the hand vac has Silver Clean technology and is embedded with small silver particles to help fight the growth of odor-causing bacteria and mold on the surface of the dirt cup.
Life just seems a little easier with this powerful little 2-in-1. Order yours today! 
Also Available:  GGH200 Replacement Filter

This product is available in the US only
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GGH200 - pureguardian Clean2 UV-C Air Sanitizer + Hand Vac
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Kills Airborne Bacteria Charging base uses UV-C technology to destroy over 98% of airborne bacteria that pass through it. Also kills mold spores.

Hospital Technology UV-C is the same technology hospitals use to sanitize

Fights Odors Charging base fights odors from smoke, pets, mildew and more


Silver Clean Technology Silver Clean technology fights the growth of odor-causing bacteria and mold on the surface of the dirt cup

Rechargeable convenience The cordless hand vac is always charged and ready to use.

Powerful 7.2 volts of power allows you to clean up any dry mess fast

Product Specifications:

Model Number(s): GGH200
Available in the US: Yes
Available in Canada: Yes

The Clean2 Hand Vac

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UV-C?
UV-C is part of the ultra-violet light spectrum that is filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere. The “C” stands for the particular frequency of UV light that kills germs.
Why is UV-C so effective at destroying germs?
UV-C light is highly effective at penetrating thin-walled germs like viruses and bacteria. The light alters the genetic structure of the germ and they die. 

Is UV-C harmful?
Prolonged exposure (i.e. eight hours) to UV-C light can create eye irritations.  

Is this new technology?
No.  UV-C has been used to kill germs for almost 100 years.  The first usage was in France in 1909 to disinfect their water system. This technology is still used today in hospitals, commercial buildings and custom homes to kill germs.

Why is there UV-C technology in the charging base?
Traditionally the charging base of a hand vac only had one purpose: to charge the hand vac. The cordless hand vac would sit in a charging base when it’s not being used. Guardian Technologies® took innovative UV-C technology and implemented it into the charging base so not only does it recharge your hand vac, it continuously acts as an air sanitizer to kill up to 99% of germs, odors and allergens in the air. 

How long will the UV-C sanitizing bulb last?
The UV-C bulb will last between 4,000 and 5,000 hours

Will I need to replace the bulb?
Yes, after 4,000 hours the bulb will loose approximately 15% of its efficiency. To maintain optimum performance it is recommended to change the bulb approximately every 6-10 months depending on use.

How do I know when I need to change my bulb?
The bulb will flicker or change colors. That is an indication that the bulb is failing and needs to be replaced.

How often should I replace the Cordless Hand Vac Dirt Cup Filter?
It is recommended to change the filter every 6 months depending on use.

Does the Guardian Technologies UV-C sanitizing/charging base emit ozone?
The type of UV-C bulb used in the Guardian Technologies® sanitizing base is a special one that does not emit ozone out of the product. 

How long is the warranty?
There is a 1-year limited product warranty.

Does the product require regular cleaning or maintenance? 
The only recommended maintenance is to replace the UV-C bulb in the sanitizing/recharging base and to replace the filter in the hand vac every 6-10 months depending on use.

Where should I use the product?
The Guardian Technologies® pureguardian Clean 2 can be used at home, in an office or anywhere indoors where there is a need to clean up dry messes with a hand vac while sanitizing germs and eliminating odors and allergens from the air. It is also great in pet areas, like next to a cat’s litter box. It is not designed for outdoor use.

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