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Achieving 30 minutes of physical activity

Aug 31, 2011

Achieving 30 minutes of physical activity

You don't need to do all 30 minutes of physical activity in one go a great piece of physical activity advice is to build up to this throughout the day.

For example, an inactive person who might think 30 minutes of continuous walking is too much could aim to start with three 10-minute walks a day. This could then be built up to 2 x 15 minutes, etc., until 30 minutes of continuous physical activity is achieved.

Alternatively, add up a few different activities until the 30 minute target is reached e.g. if you get the bus home from a day out, get off a couple of stops early and walk the extra distance home (5 minutes) when you get home, take the dog for an extra walk or play with the kids before dinner (10 minutes) you might even want to do some gardening (15 minutes)! Before you know it you will have built up to 30 minutes of physical activity!

Many people find short bursts of physical activity easier than 30 minutes of continuous physical activity. The good news is that there's growing evidence that the health benefits of physical activity are linked to the overall amount of physical activity performed.

Short sessions of moderate intensity physical activity each day can have just as positive an influence on health as one session alone, so long as the total amount of activity adds up to the recommended 30 minutes per day, on most days of the week.

Making physical activity part of your everyday life is called 'active living' and enjoying the activities you do each day will help you achieve this!