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Breakfast Meal Ideas

Aug 31, 2011

Breakfast meal ideas

Have something to drink with your breakfast: tea, coffee, water or fruit juice.

  • Bowl of cereal with added raisins, or chopped fresh fruit and milk (semi-skimmed or skimmed)
    PLUS toast with jam, using a low-fat spread
  • Fresh or canned grapefruit (in fruit juice, not sugar syrup)
    PLUS bowl of cereal with milk (semi-skimmed or skimmed)
    PLUS bread with reduced-sugar jam.
  • Fruit juice or piece of fruit
    PLUS baked beans on toast
  • A little reduced-fat cheese and tomato on toast
    PLUS banana
  • Boiled egg with toast
    PLUS mixed chopped fruit with low-fat plain or fruit yogurt
    PLUS bread or toast with jam
  • Fruit juice or piece of fruit
    PLUS bowl of oatmeal