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GGU300 2-in-1 Upright & Canister Vacuum by PureGuardian®

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Product Information

Our Guardian Technologies PureGuardian® 2-in-1 is an upright vacuum AND canister vacuum in one! You can use the powerful 12 amp upright  to clean your carpets before quickly converting it into a canister to tackle hard floors, stairs and hard-to-reach areas. Our Guardian Technologies PureGuardian® 2-in-1 also has Silver Clean™ technology in the dirt cup to help fight the growth of odor-causing bacteria and mold on the surface of the dirt cup.

So what are you waiting for? Order yours today and easily banish the dirt from your life! 

It is important to only use GENUINE Guardian Technologies™ replacement parts to maintain product performance and warranty. All parts that are not genuine will void the warranty.

  • Silver Clean Technology Fights the growth of odor-causing bacteria and mold on the surface of the dirt cup

  • HEPA Filter Helps capture up to 99.97% of dust and allergens
  • Low Profile Easy to clean under furniture and other hard-to-reach areas
  • Easy-to-Empty Dirt Cup When cup is full, simply press a button and release dirt into trash
  • Wide Cleaning Path Wide, 15-inch cleaning path picks up more dirt in one pass
  • More Cleaning Reach Telescopic wand and extra long, stretch hose make cleaning stairs and window treatments easy

Additional Features:

  • 32-foot cord
  • Motor Protection System
  • 7 Height Adjustments
  • Brush On/Off Switch for Bare Floor Cleaning with Upright Headlight

Product Specifications

    • Remove hose from base hose connector. Step on release canister pedal.
    • Pull body upward by canister handle.
    • Push handle removal button and pull up on handle to disconnect from body.
    • Insert hose into handle hose connector and twist clockwise to lock in position. Push button on wand to extend telescoping wand. Insert end of handle into hard floor nozzle. You are now ready to use in canister mode.
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Customer Reviews

By: Sheryle


I have had this vacuum for almost fifteen years and love it. Something on it had decided to break (it smells like something burning but motor still works) and would love to try and fix it myself...are there any pdf's on how to take this apart and replace the belt if that's what has gone?

By: April M. Rogers "April"

Great vaccum

I didn't buy this from Amazon but in a store. Thought I would check out what the reviews were and saw that there were none. I like the fact that it is two in one because I have area rugs for a stand up vac and tons of bare floors for the canister. I was tired of having two vacuums. Great suction. Once you remember to turn the hose to get it on and off it is easy. It is bag-less which is useful. There are a couple of drawbacks. DO NOT LIFT THE VAC UP BY THE WAND HANDLE. Lift it by the handle that was intended to be used for lifting. When you lift it by the want handle the handle decides it wants to turn. It is a removable handle and it has a raised ball on it to slide into a slot. It will dislodge from the slot when you lift the vacuum up by the wand handle and get stuck. It is very difficult to get it back to rights. It is a loud vacuum but not overly loud. I do not like the fact that the attachment intended to be used with the canister portion hasn't a place to be stored. And dirt seems to stick to the cord. You will find that out when you go to wrap it up. It is a very attractive vacuum, easy to use, great suction, versatile.

By: Ken

Germ Guardian GGU300

This was a replacement for a Dirt Devil canister vacuum. Dirt Devil warranty through a repair center is a joke ended up throwing Dirt Devil canister in trash.

Pros: This was received on shipping date. Does the job especially if you have pets. Use mostly canister section as I do not have rugs. So far am pleased how it picks up dirt and dog hair.
Cons: Should have longer extension pole for tall people, clip on pole extension does break easily, however did call Germ Guardian Co and they took one off a returned item and sent it to me, can use if the white piece under black plastic clip didn't break. You do need to bang off dust filter deep in a bag or you are just putting it back in the air. Not good for those that have asthma.

By: E. Williams "dew drop"

Great vacuum that's very versatile

Update: 4/17/10 - I am loving this vacuum! It's very versatile and the suction is unbelievable. We have parrots and they make a mess every day. The Germ Guardian picks up everything from seeds to nuts with no problems. Same thing with dog & cat hair - it's scary how much stuff collects in that dirt cup. Every time you empty the cup, you're supposed to clean the filter which isn't hard to do. Just tape it on the edge of the trash can - you won't believe how much dust and hair falls out. The handle pulls out of the machine and attaches to the extension hose for above floor cleaning. Unlike other machines, the handle is metal so it won't chip/break. The body comes off the vacuum head to use it as a canister, which is great if you need to clean stairs or the car. Comes with four attachments - all the basic stuff. If you want a turbo brush you can buy it from the Germ Guardian website for $14.99. They also carry replacement belts, filters, etc., and unlike many other brands, they don't cost an arm & leg. This machine feels sturdy and is very powerful. But it's lightweight enough for me to carry it easily. It goes from an upright to a canister in about 5 seconds, and the attachments are quick. At only $130 from the GC website, it's a super bargain. Germ Guardian may not be as well-known as other brands, but this vacuum is five stars.

March 2010: We've had three vacuums in the last five years. With multiple pets and kids, we vacuum almost daily and I've been disappointed in the quality of several major brands. In need of another machine, I was researching them when my sister, who works at Home Depot, mentioned the Germ Guardian vacuum they carry. I'd never heard of it before, but the thought of having both a canister and an upright bagless appealed to me. We bought it directly from the Germ Guardian website with free shipping, for a LOT less than anyplace else, so check their website first. So far we really like it. It does a good job of cleaning the carpets. The canister is great for things like the interior of my car, drapes, furniture, etc. After my experience with the Bissell Healthy Home vac (a total dud), I'm giving the Germ Guardian a tentative five stars, with the option to edit my review later. Hopefully this one will be a keeper.

By: KyOTGal "Mimi"

I Love it!!

My husband & have have struggled over Vacuum cleaner selection for years. Each time I have researched & chosen what seems to be the features & reliability I want, he has purchased something different (not that he ever uses it). So I decided to replace the last fiasco he chose (a rebuilt expensive boat anchor). The Germ Guardian is awesome! On carpets that he ran his previous choices across, the Germ Guardian picked up LOTS of debris. I will finally be free of the hair from our precious cat...who passed away at the age of 16 TWO years ago. The canister-style option let me do the carpeted basement stairs with ease & superb results. The fact that I love blue truly doesn't enter into it, does it? It is an awesome cleaning machine. Thanks so much!!

By: Cherik

Fantastic Product

I bought this vacuum from another retailer. I had already gone throuhg 2 uprights after I put hardwood in my home. Uprights sucked up then spit out the dirt on the sides. I was sick of sweeping and a "stick broom" just didn't work well enough. Since my bedrooms are carpeted I didn't want 2 vacuums in the house, so I purchased this. Yes the wand could be a little bit longer, BUT this is a fantastic product. It cleans all the hardwood and tile in my home spotlessly in canister mode. I then convert it to upright mode to clean the carpeted bedrooms. I have even taken it outside and used it on my covered screened in porch in canister mode and it worked like a champ. I have told everyone about this vac. It is the greatest. If mine ever goes out. I will definitely buy another.

By: Runner "shelly"

Ger Guardian 2 in 1 is a good buy!

We were a little uneasy buying this vacuum because we had never heard of Germ Guardian before. We purchased it at Walmart. I think it is the same vacuum as the blue one on this site, but ours is green. When comparing it with other vacuums such as Bissel and Hoover, it seemed much more durable. It just felt like even the hose was a better quality. It has lived up to what we thought it should. The suction is better than our Bissel was, and the long cord it great. I really like the attachment that has a spin brush. It is great for stairs or any other small item you need to vacuum. I do wish that it had a storage spot for all of the tools. I do like that the bag-less canister can open at the top or bottom to empty. That has been made it easy to use. I don't think we have had a vacuum with as much power and suction as the Germ Guardian. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new vacuum.

By: Nicole Ashley

Great for kids and pets!

I decided to get this vacuum after doing a lot of research. I didn't want to pay this much for a vacuum, but I have a six month old that's starting to crawl around on the floors and it was worth it to have peace of mind. I also have three cats so I wanted powerful enough to get all the hair up. I used it on all my carpets, my tile and hardwood floors and it is AMAZING. The canister option is what really sold this one for me because I have stairs and I hate trying to vacuum stairs with an upright. This was simple and it took me only about ten minutes to do the entire staircase. Switching from canister to upright is really easy, it takes less than a minute and you just push a couple buttons. The collection cup has a bottom release so it's easy to clean out. I also love that you can turn the brushes off if you want to, for bare floors. The cord is nice and long... I have no complaints about this at all. It's worth every penny.

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