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While this time of year means an end to snow for many of us, it is also the start of another seasonal foe: spring allergies! April showers may help new plants and flowers blossom, but the rain also brings more moss and mold growth - This triggers allergy symptoms for nearly 50 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies.Read More
It’s March and 2014 is in full swing. Don’t worry! There’s still tons of time to take control of your health and get it together. Whether you are home, at the office or at the gym, there are plenty of different ways to focus on your health and fitness. Take a look at these simple “life hacks” that can make all the difference to your health over time.Read More
Allergies are abnormal reactions in the immune system to certain substances. The body’s immune system mistakenly believes these substances to be harmful, and produces immunoglobulin E antibodies to protect the body. They come in two forms.Read More
What’s the big deal if you sweep one little dust bunny under the rug? Turns out, a lot! Most of the time, when there’s one, more will follow. So, the best thing to do is to get a handle on things before it gets out of control. The question is — how do you get rid of something that keeps coming back? The answer is: PREVENTION. Below are handy tips that you can utilize to prevent dust build-up in your house.Read More
Sneezing, wheezing, coughing, itching, watering, and runny noses — too many of us know these symptoms far too well throughout the year. Allergies spell misery for about 50 million Americans according to the AAFA, or the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Whether it’s a dramatic change in the weather outside, the growth and flying of new pollens or coming in contact with something that your body is just hypersensitive to, all sufferers have their kryptonite. However, according to an article published by WebMD, there are ways to manage allergies instead of letting them constantly interfere with your life.Read More
We recently posted about the Cities with the Worst Air Quality. Today, we explore the cities with the best air quality!Read More
Our goal here at Guardian Technologies™ is to help you create a better home environment to keep your body in top-notch condition. Our air purifiers provide the perfect way to keep the air you breathe healthy and clean. Along with breathing in healthy air, it is important to keep your body up to par with exercise. What better way to get exercise AND keep the air flowing than running? Below, we outline an easy to following guide about how to train for a marathon. It’s a new year — try it, and you just might like it!Read More

Every day more than half of America is breathing dirty air — air that has enough pollution to cause health issues. Many Americans are suffering from Asthma, Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis due to the air quality in their region. According to a 2013 article on, these are the U.S. cities with the worst air quality and some things you can do to avoid health issues if you are living in or near one of these cities.

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Having pets bring so much joy to you and your family, but those pesky odors are a definite downfall of pet ownership. Here we have some of the best remedies for reducing pet odors in your home.Read More
Some of the terminology used by weather forecasters can be confusing if you are not a meteorology enthusiast. You should become familiar with the lingo used by your local weather gurus so that you can clearly comprehend the potential risk to you and your family. These terms can be applied to hurricanes, thunderstorms, and floods in warm weather or winter storms when it gets cold.Read More