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Keeping going

Aug 31, 2011

Keeping going

After working so hard to incorporate regular physical activity into your daily life, you don't want to lose all the benefits gained by this.

Active commuting is one way to keep regular physical activity in your everyday life. After two or three weeks, try to increase your walking time, or how often you walk. Consider cycling to work or walking the whole way. By doing this, you can gradually add more minutes of regular physical activity into your day.

Ideally, after a month or two, you want to be building up to 30 minutes of activity on most days.

If you've been gradually increasing the level of your physical activities then this will feel like a natural progression. Maintain this level of progression as you try to increase the amount of activities you're already doing. Use your weekends to take part in local activities and leisure activities.

As you increase your physical activity, you may want to consider taking part in sports or exercises such as swimming, cycling or an exercise class. You can be indoors, outdoors, on your own or in a group. There's bound to be plenty of local activities you can take part in. A good place to start these kinds of physical activities is the local community center.

Finding a sport you enjoy is a great motivator for keeping up regular physical activity. For further tips on starting regular physical activity, and keeping going, check out our top tips section. For more information on physical activity and healthy living initiatives taking place throughout your area, check out what's going on in your local newspaper or your city or county web site.