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Making the Sale

How Guardian Technologies focuses on product development to grow

At Guardian Technologies LLC, Managing Partners Dave Brickner and Rick Farone have worked to minimize the risk with rolling out new consumer products.

“ It’ s all calculated risk,” Brickner says. “ We do as much as we can as far as consumer studies and work off of what we have experienced in the past. It’ s really pretty much a toss of the coin. We’ re hoping that it will work out, but there are no sure bets when you’ re a consumer product development company.”

The company, which focuses on creating home sanitizing products, has had success the past few years, and it has done so by soliciting input from consumers and retail buyers.

“ We’ ll try to engage them at the prototype stage and the concept stage and get their input and perspective of likelihood of success,” Farone says. “ It also helps to get buy-in from them too.”

With the retail buyers in particular, Guardian employees ask for their opinion on the look, feel, features, value equation and if it’ s something that they would sell in their stores.

“ They won’ t tell you directly, but they’ ll give you an indication of how it’ s stacking up against other competitive products they’ re seeing or hearing about,” Farone says.

This focus on product development has been a big reason why Guardian has grown the past few years.

“ A lot of it is knowing your products, knowing your industry and knowing your consumer,” Farone says. “ The closer you are to your consumer and the better your true understanding of the products and what purpose they’ re trying to serve, it’ s a higher likelihood that you’ re going to bring out successful products. You’ re going through the process and you use that information to make better-educated decisions.”

This process also depends on bringing in people with consumer product development experience and that will also fit with the organization.

“ There are a lot of people out there that can do a certain job,” Brickner says. “ We worry first and foremost if they’ ll fit within the organization. We don’ t fall in love with resumes. We fall in love with a personality. … We have a very entrepreneurial organization, and for a lot of people, they can’ t operate within our environment.”


Guardian Technologies Wins Weatherhead Award

Posted 12/16/2010

Guardian Technologies LLC, marketer of the germguardian® brand of home health and sanitation products, announced that it has won the top spot in the 2010 Weatherhead 100 Upstart Award category.

The Weatherhead 100 Awards are given annually by Case Weatherhead School of Management and The Council of Smaller Enterprises to recognize the fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio, based on the percentage of sales growth from the past five years. The Upstart Award, one of three award categories, is bestowed upon those companies achieving a percentage of sales growth that qualifies for Weatherhead 100 status but have less than 15 full-time employees. Guardian Technologies LLC ranked number one in the Upstart category out of thirty companies.

"We are thrilled to receive such an honor among so many distinguished companies," said Rick Farone, managing partner of Guardian Technologies LLC. "The Weatherhead 100 Awards are a testament that so many Northeast Ohio companies are innovators far beyond this area," he added.



Health-Minded Holiday Gift Ideas from germguardian®
-Help Friends and Loved Ones Stay Healthy This Season and All Year Long-

CLEVELAND, Ohio (November 10, 2010) – ‘ Tis the season for gift giving and healthy living from Guardian Technologies® . The following products are affordable and make terrific holiday gifts with benefits that last throughout the year:

AC4010 Table Top Air Cleaning System


1This is the perfect  air purifier for the home or office. Small and compact, it processes the air in a 200 sq. ft. room in approximately one hour. Why settle for just an air purifier when you can have a complete  air cleaning system with five levels of cleaning power that capture allergens, kill germs and destroy mold spores and odors? Currently retails in stores and online for under $60.

2GG1000 Pluggable  UV-C Air Sanitizer
Kills over 98% of airborne bacteria using natural, UV-C light (the same as hospitals use) - not harmful chemicals. It also fights odors and kills airborne mold spores. Put it in the kitchen and bathroom to destroy mold spores and fight unwanted odors. Moms and dads love it next to the diaper pail and pet owners keep the Pluggable next to the litter box or pet areas to help combat germs and odors. A powerful fan draws air into the product, then UV-C light kills airborne bacteria, and the whisper-quiet fan returns purified air back into the room. The Pluggable currently retails in stores and online for under $50.


Guardian Technologies® Ultrasonic Humidifiers Help With First Defense In Fighting Colds and Flu: Prevention

-Combat Dry Indoor Air to Keep Nasal Passages Moist and Help Reduce Your Risk of Catching a Cold or the Flu This Season-

CLEVELAND, Ohio (November 29, 2010) – Cold and Flu season is upon us and the experts emphasize that prevention is the key weapon in the fight to stay healthy. Hand washing and flu shots are commonly-known measures people use to prevent getting sick but, another important way to reduce the spread of germs this winter season is by making sure the air humidity level in your home or workplace doesn’ t contribute to making you sick.

Dr. Kelly Reynolds, MSPH, PhD and Microbiologist at the University of Arizona, explained the effect that indoor heating during the winter season can cause in spreading germs. "Indoor humidity can be extremely low in the winter months," said Reynolds. "This lack of humidity can dry out your skin and mucous membranes, making you more susceptible to sickness."

According to Reynolds, the nose is a first defense against infectious diseases. Normally, the moisture inside of your nose, secreted by your mucous membranes, helps trap pathogens, bacteria and dangerous particles before they enter your airway and lungs.

However, Reynolds noted, "Often, when indoor heating is used, the normally moist and healthy epithelial tissue that lines the nasal passages, become dry too. When this happens, small cracks in the tissue open and disease-causing pathogens can enter," she said.

An affordable and easy way to keep up humidity levels in the home or workspace is to use a humidifier. However, one concern associated with humidifiers is that mold and bacteria can grow in the water tank and then send that contaminated air out into the room.

Guardian Technologies® makes a line of Ultrasonic Humidifiers that have Silver Clean& trade technology to fight the growth of mildew and mold on the surface of the water tank. Silver is known to kill up to 650 species of viruses and bacteria simply by coming in contact with them.

Most of Guardian Technologies'®   humidifiers have the option for warm or cool humidification and have no added cost because there are no wicks, filters or evaporating pads to replace. All models have extended run times ranging from 10 to 72 hours depending on the model. And, thanks to ultrasonic technology, they are all virtually silent when running, perfect for while you sleep.

The Guardian Technologies® 55-Hour Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier is available for $169.99, while the compact Guardian Technologies® Table Top Ultrasonic Humidifier is available for $69.99. Guardian Technologies® humidifiers can be purchased at retailers including Lowe’ s, Costco, Best Buy and Bed, Bath and Beyond or online.

Guardian Technologies® Ultrasonic Humidifiers are perfect for any room of the house an added benefit is that they effectively prevent wood furniture from drying and cracking and wood floors from buckling and separating. Additionally, the humidifiers can prevent uncomfortable dry skin and chapped lips. For more information on

Guardian Technologies'® full line of safe and natural products visit or call 1-866-603-5900.

    Other Cold & Flu Prevention Tips
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. This will help keep germs from infecting your hands. If you don’ t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your sleeve (Centers for Disease Control).
  • Lather and rinse your hands twice every time you wash. Columbia University researchers found that washing your hands once had a minimal effect on killing germs.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth since these are vulnerable areas for germs to enter the body (Centers for Disease Control).
  • Get a flu shot every fall, particularly anyone 50 years old or older, residents of long-term care facilities, people with chronic medical problems, pregnant women and immune-compromised persons. Nasal spray vaccines are also available (Centers for Disease Control).
  • Don’ t smoke. Statistics show that heavy smokers get more severe colds and more frequent ones. Even being around smoke profoundly zaps the immune system. Smoke dries out nasal passages and paralyzes cilia, the delicate hairs that line the mucous membranes in your nose and lungs that sweep cold and flu viruses out of the nasal passages (Office of Health Education, University of Pennsylvania).
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Water flushes your system, washing out the poisons as it rehydrates you. A typical, healthy adult needs eight 8-ounce glasses of fluids each day (