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AC5000E - AC5000 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System - 28"
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  Townhouse saver!
Ann -    (Wednesday, April 09, 2014)

We bought 2 of the Germ Guardian w/UV-C, True HEPA & Odor Reduction to clean the air in our townhouse apt. It has worked WONDERS!! Our place smells pet free, we have a cat and fish, and I have three children! Instead of walking into my home smelling my neighbors bad habits wafting under the walls and vents, I smell clean, fresh air! With no trace of even my kitty! I HIGHLY recommend these!! It's completely worth the cost knowing the air your breathing is free of contagions and contaminants! Costco has them on sale!! Get them while they last folks!!

  5 stars
Deirdre Chaplin -    (Saturday, April 05, 2014)

This amazing air purifier has helped my family so much. I can turn it on for an hour and my whole first floor of our 800 sq ft House and an hr later u can smell the fresh air. I do not mind the fan noise at all on any setting Its just like having a fan on a summer day. I suggest this especially if you own birds and dogs. The dust in my house decreased so much. I use to dust everyday now it is once a week. It has helped so much with allergies as well. After the winter we had this year i forgot what fresh air was like. Thank u for an amazing product

  A miracle for small homes
Karyn -    (Wednesday, January 02, 2013)

My boyfriend & I own a 2-bedroom co-op & I was worried that the spare bedroom was going to stink since we have three cats & their litter box is in there. So after a week of research I picked up one for that bedroom & another one for our living room just to make sure any visitors with cat allergies can hang out comfortably without worrying about an allergy attack. After 9 months, no one has ever complained about their allergies when they come to visit, & the 'kitty bedroom' doesn't have that 'cat smell' that I hate. Just change the litter box daily & the air filter does the rest of the work. Thank God for this air filter!!

  AC 5000 3in1
wu -    (Sunday, December 02, 2012)

I had this model AC 5000 3 in 1 for 3 months, I kept it on all day and night one cleaning the air dust and odor of the house, I say this is a great product at this price, I will buy more for my house.

  Thank you baby Jesus
Francisco Mayans - -   (Sunday, June 17, 2012)

Phew! My neighbors have cats and apartment always had a clean smell but slowly I could smell cat and smoke odor. Not anymore!!!

  AC5000 3-in-1
Jessica Fugate - -   (Tuesday, April 24, 2012)

We have two large dogs in our not-so-large home and although we keep them and the house as clean as possible, the smell of dog was always lingering. Once we purchased this..., it only took about 20 minutes for the entire first floor to smell as fresh as if we opened all of the windows. This thing is fantastic! Not a single bit of pet odor!

  I can't smell Anything no more
Chuck - .   (Monday, November 07, 2011)

With a Parrot sharing my small basement
this unit not only cleans the air of bird dander but also makes the air hosipital clean.

  Great product!
Jessica Rios - San Angelo, Tx   (Monday, July 25, 2011)

I was excited to find this product at Target. After comparing it to the Ionic Pro I went with this one because it not only delivers purified, crisp air but it has a UV-C sanitizer as well. Also, the customer service is great at answering questions. I needed to know how much space it would cover and they told me. Once I opened the box the manual explains everything. I have 3 cats and already notice a huge difference! I am finally able to take a deep breath! I even added the company on Facebook. I'll be purchasing a second one to clean the rest of the apartment.

  So far so good
Jack Bobeck - Jacksonville, FL   (Friday, June 10, 2011)

Just purchased yesterday and within 10 minutes after initial use, I could tell the difference in the room. We have 2 cats and when it gets hot in the house, their litter box odor used to swamp the upstairs area, and I am so far impressed in the ability of the unit, and quiet unit at that, in filtering out the smell. Easy breathing without the cat odor!

  Hepa Air Purifier UVC Tower
Fran Hornstein - Bedroom   (Sunday, March 06, 2011)

I recently bought the UVC Tower Air Purifier to replace my old Honeywell unit. My son has asthma and is allergic to cats, dogs and horses. I have 3 cats and a dog this purifier changes the arir quaility. My dog became allergic to cats and this purifier aids her with her allergies. Best investment.
I also have 3 UVC wands. I use them in my truck and recently on vacation in a small motel that was musty, desanitized the room. Great products that everyone can benefit from.

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