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Quick Activity Tips

Aug 31, 2011

Quick activity tips

  • set activity goals and reward yourself once you have achieved them
  • try to change an inactive choice for an active one: take the stairs instead of the lift walk to the next bus stop on the way home wash the car by hand instead of taking it to the car wash
  • walk or cycle for short errands rather than taking the car (e.g. cycle to the  drugstore)
  • be active to music - it’ s amazing how quickly the time will go
  • choose activities that you enjoy doing. Physical activity should never be a chore.
  • watch only the TV programs you really want to see and do something active in between
  • throw away the remote control!
  • hang your coat upstairs so that you go up again to get it
  • take the dog for an extra walk
  • remember that the best time for you to exercise or be active is always the most convenient time for you
  • write down how good you felt the last time you did some physical activity and keep it on hand to read whenever you feel that you’ re too tired to get motivated
  • don’ t lose your routine when you go on holiday. Walk to explore the area, swim, go dancing at night
  • stick reminders in key places (refrigerator, computer) to remind you to do activity or ask a friend to send email or phone reminders
  • keep comfortable shoes and clothes in a place that you spend a lot of time - the car, work, even a friends house. That way, you’ ve never got an excuse not to be active
  • if you are unwell it may be best to avoid doing a lot of activity during this period. Once you have recovered gradually build up your activity again.