UV Air Sanitizers

Guardian Technologies™ offers some of the best air sanitizers and air purifiers for any home, office, or classroom. Our product line consists of room air sanitizers which conveniently plug into any wall socket, as well as UV-C air sanitizers. But what’s the difference between an air sanitizer and an air purifier?

An air sanitizer is different from an air purifier due to its ability to take action against airborne microbiological organisms and microorganisms. Its goal is to reduce or mitigate the actual growth or development of a microbiological organism such as fungi, bacteria, or viruses on inanimate surfaces.

Air purifiers, on the other hand, simply work to filter or trap particles within an air circulator. This does not eliminate the actual organism; it simply puts it in a sort of holding area.

Air circulators treat a small portion of the air in the room at a time, and then put that cleansed air back into the room. Because they can only clean a small amount at a time, this process can take a very long time. In contrast, an air sanitizer can treat large amounts of air, but do not remove harmful particles from the air into the holding cell the way that air purifiers do.

To recap:

Air sanitizers take action against microorganisms, and air purifiers remove microorganisms from the air, capturing them in a holding cell (filter). Therefore, these two items have separate, but equally important, functions. Both of these are different from an air freshener, which simply adds fragrance to the air and doesn’t make any substantial changes to microbiological organisms within the air.