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H1300 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier by PureGuardian® H1300 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier by PureGuardian®
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H1300 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier by PureGuardian®

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Product Information

The Guardian Technologies™ PureGuardian® 70-Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier is a cool mist humidifier.

Unlike other humidifiers that grow slimy mold on the water tank surface, the ultrasonic humidifier uses Silver Clean™ technology embedded in the tank to fight the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the water tank. Thanks to ultrasonic technology, it is ultra-quiet when it runs making it ideal to have on while you sleep. The tank capacity is 1 gallon, and it runs continuously for up to 70-hours*. There are no added costs since there are no evaporating pads, wicks or filters to clean or replace.

Order your PureGuardian® Ultrasonic Humidifier today, and you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived comfortably without it!

It is important to only use GENUINE Guardian Technologies™ replacement parts to maintain product performance.

Ideal For

  • Small rooms
  • Medium rooms


Mold & Mildew Resistant Tank
Silver Clean™ Technology: The water tank has been treated with a fungistatic agent to protect the surface of the tank from fungal and mold growth.

Cool Mist Humidification
Emits a cool mist into the air.

No Added Costs
No evaporating pads, wicks or filters to clean or replace.

Ultra-Quiet Operation
Ultrasonic technology is ultra-quiet when running making it easy to have on while you sleep.

Space-Saving Design
Small and compact design makes it great for apartments, the office and small bedrooms.

Low Water Indicator
Lets you know when it’s time to refill the water tank.

Additional Features:

  • Up to 70-hour run time*
  • 1 gallon tank capacity
  • 10-inches tall

Product Specifications

  • SKU: H1300
  • Weight: 2.1lbs.
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 10.2 x 9.8
  • Cord Length: 5'
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Run Time: Up to 70 hours
  • Manual: H1300 PDF Manual
  • The Guardian Technologies™ PureGuardian® Ultrasonic Humidifier uses a metal diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency to create water droplets that are expelled out into the room to help maintain the desired humidity level. An ultrasonic humidifier is virtually silent when operating.

  • Why should I use a humidifier?
    People need a certain level of humidity to be comfortable. In the winter, indoor humidity can be extremely low, and the lack of humidity can dry out your skin and mucous membranes. Low humidity also makes the air feel colder than it actually is. Dry air can also dry out the wood in the walls and floors of our houses. As the drying wood shrinks, it can cause creaks in floors and cracks in drywall and plaster. Dry air also increases static electricity.

    Does the product require regular cleaning?
    It is recommended to wipe out the water tank and base of the product on a regular basis; approximately every 1–2 weeks (depending on use). The Guardian Technologies™ PureGuardian® Ultrasonic Table-Top Humidifier has Silver Clean™ technology in the water tank, which helps to fight the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the water tank.

    When storing the unit, it is recommended to pour any excess water out and clean it with a soft, damp cloth. Let dry completely before storing.

    Are there any wicks or evaporating pads to replace?
    There are no wicks or pads to replace.

    What is ultrasonic technology?
    An ultrasonic humidifier uses a metal diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency to create water droplets. Thanks to ultrasonic technology, the Guardian Technologies™ humidifier is virtually silent when running, making it easy to have on while you sleep.

    What is Silver Clean™ technology, and why is it used in your humidifier?
    Silver Clean™ technology is small particles of silver embedded in the tank to fight the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the water tank.

    Where should I use the product?
    It is recommended that you place the product up on a table or nightstand and not on the floor.

    What is a comfortable humidity level?
    Forty to fifty-five percent (40–55%) humidity is considered within the comfortable range. Any humidity level below thirty percent (30%) is considered dry.

    Do I need to put in a certain type of water for my humidifier to work?
    You can use either distilled or regular tap water. If you have a high mineral content in your tap water, it may be preferable to use distilled water. Since distilled water is likely to contain lower mineral content than most tap water, it will prevent less build-up.

    How long is the warranty?
    The warranty is 3-years limited. For detailed warranty specifications, please refer to the warranty section in the instruction manual.

    If you have further questions, please contact us at 1-866-603-5900

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By: alexis

Just bought and seems to be doing well

I've only used this for one night, but I felt compelled to write about it since other people may be wondering about it or suffering in the dryness of their homes.

I just moved to LA, and the dryness has been a huge, unexpected adjustment. I have known that I needed a humidifier for some weeks now, but a recent throat illness (and new plants dying) prompted me to quicken my search. As you probably know, the problem with humidifiers is that none of them are highly rated and under $100, or the ratings are split between 5s and faulty-product 1s. After going back and forth, I decided I finally just needed to GET ONE and I chose this one (from Target) because it had no reviews and Pureguardian's other products had relatively high reviews.

Getting water into the tank is very easy (cap on the bottom, I did it in my bathtub), and I think it holds around a gallon of water. The control is manual, and it puts out a good, steady stream of steam. Because it's ultrasonic, it uses a high-pitched noise and not a heating element to create steam. It makes a small machine-running noise, but I am a really light sleeper and I slept fine with it. Another good thing is that it only has a very small LED light that will not keep you up if you are a light-sensitive sleeper (like me). This one also advertises having "SilverClean" technology (never says what that IS exactly) that fights against mold and mineral buildup. We'll see how true that is in a few weeks.

I woke up this morning without my usual burning throat; this machine didn't cure me but I feel like I can actually get better without the added irritation of dry air. My bedroom is small, about 12' x 12'. I ran it all night (10 hrs on "medium"), used about half the tank of water, and the windows this morning are wet with condensation. It's good for me because my mattress is on the floor, so the steam billows out and slinks down to where I am before dispersing into the room. The weirdest thing about the ultrasonic technology is that the steam never gets warm, so my room is filled with visible humidity, but is the same cool temperature. From what I've read, the benefit of ultrasonic vs. hot steam is that if the machine doesn't cut off when it's low on water, ultrasonic won't melt through your floor/counter, or worse start a fire. There were no leaks from the machine, and it does have an automatic shut off if the water gets low.

Again, I've only used it one night, so take my review with a grain of salt. I'll write another review in a few weeks when I have used it more. I hope this can be of use to someone who urgently needs to make a decision. This seems like a good buy for a small room, and hopefully in a few weeks I can say it's a great one.

By: W. McGonigle

Highly recommend. 4 of 5 stars. Read the read the review.

great machine. quiet, easy to operate and fill. Well made. Only tiny drawback that i notice is that the threads on the fill thingy don't go all the way around the opening, so when re-screwing the cap on it gets screwed back on easily crooked...if not mindful, and don't notice that when screwing the cap on after filling, the water can spill thru when flipping the jug over.

By: Ralphy

Brand new, would not run, easy fix

Brand new the red light stayed on. I removed the dial, 4 screws, and gently pried it apart and saw the 4 cord connector from the ultrasonic thing was not plugged into circuit board. Works now and I did not have to return it. I like it, for me it gives off just the right amount of moisture. And I replaced a 400 watt heated humidifier with this, a 40 watt one. At 20 cents a kilowatt that we pay here I like to save.

By: Taiju Matsuoka


I love this humidifier better than previous one.
This doesn't need much space.
Easy to set up, it took a few minutes.

By: J. Gray "jgray37000"

Quiet and efficient

This is a very nice humidifier. It's just the right size for one big room, and is easy to fill. It's slim profile makes it easy to place. It doesn't need a lot of room. And, it's quiet.

By: Gart R. Rotenberg

Pure Guardian H1300

The machine operates relatively quietly, does not leak, and the tank, which I thought on the small side, holds enough water so that we do not have to refill it constantly. All in all, good value for the money.

By: Gibby

guardian 1300 humidifier

Was a little smaller than I expected but makes up size with performance. It is perfect for a bedroom and really helps dry noses and throats for houses with gas heat. Holds a gallon of water and is easy to fill and install. I use distilled water to avoid the white dust with hard water. With a setting at a little less than half I get about 50 hours use per filling. No messy slime to contend with.

By: Dee Done

Great product!

I love this humidifier. Is a little heavy when filled. Wish they would make it with a handle. I like it because there are no filters to buy or mess with.

By: Eugene F. White

A Very Efficient Unit for the Size

I am continually using it this year here in Bakersfield, Ca. It has been hot and dry with very little humidity. I would recommend this unit if you have Hot,Dry conditions. I move this unit from the living room to our bedroom and back. Sometimes, I wish I had two of them so I would not have to move them back and forth. The vapor adjustment is easily set and I don't have to refill for at least 48 hrs., depending on conditions. Much better than using a regular vaporizer.

By: Sherry

Great product

Quiet, easy to fill and provides the amount of moisture needed with the dial. PureGuardian is a great product. My suggestion is to use filtered water if you have hard water. I use my reverse osmosis because we have very hard water here.
Read the instructions about cleaning it. Just make sure you only use the brush that comes with it to clean the little disk if needed. This disk is the heart of the humidifier.

I had to send a bigger humidifier that I had for years in for repair to PureGuardian. Their customer service is wonderful and for $30 they repair and send the product back for many more years service.

Highly recommend their products

By: BigFootLiu


Super quiet, super low heat emission, and the 70 hour tank really helps me just leave it on and not worry about it (I have instruments in the room, and need to control an environment with a reasonable amount of moisture - climate changes really effects them)

By: A Gottschald

Best value for money

As good as the more expensive models from the same maker but a lot cheaper really good value. Has to be filled once a day but thats OK.

By: Jessica Fawley


Everything I wanted. It works, it's quite, and it humidifies like a dream. While I read some reviews complaining it was hard to refill, it's really not. While there are no actual handles on the tank, I don't find this a problem and it locks into place very easily and doesn't spill. I can see how it may be a problem with someone who has arthritis in their hands. I love it.