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GermGuardian® FLT4010 High Performance Allergen Genuine Replacement Filter A for AC4010/4020 Air Purifiers GermGuardian® FLT4010 High Performance Allergen Genuine Replacement Filter A for AC4010/4020 Air Purifiers
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GermGuardian® FLT4010 High Performance Allergen Genuine Replacement Filter A for AC4010/4020 Air Purifiers

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MSRP: $29.99
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Product Information

GermGuardian® FLT4010 High Performance Allergen Filter A incorporates multiple layers of filtration including Allergen and a Charcoal layer to help improve your indoor air quality. It is recommended to use with the GermGuardian® AC4010, AC4020 and Black+Decker™ Model BXAP040. The use of this genuine Guardian Technologies™ replacement part will maintain the product's performance.

  • CAPTURES ALLERGENS: High performacne Allergen Filter captures dust and allergens
  • REDUCES ODORS: Charcoal filter layer reduces common odors from pets, smoking and cooking. Acts as a pre-filter to capture large dust partciles, helping to extend filter life

IMPORTANT: Use genuine Guardian Technologies replacement parts to maintain product performance.

Only one single combination filter needs to be replaced every 6-8 months depending on the use of the product.

Replacement filter for GermGuardian Air Purifier Models AC4010 & AC4020 and Black + Decker.

Product Specifications

  • SKU: FLT4010
  • Weight: 0.11lbs.
  • Dimensions: 6.29 x 3.97 x 0.78

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By: Hoosier

Good Product

Its a good product. What can I say? It came in a box and I installed it. Now it cleans my air.

By: Jeff

Not bad

The fan that this filter fits into is great. So I would recommend both the fan and this replacement. I would order more then 1 filter at a time.

By: lkirk16

Works good

This is the filter replacement for the air purifier we own. It works just fine. At this point in time, we switch it out about every 1-2 months bc we have an infant in the home. When we switch it out, we do notice it is pretty used up. So, it works for us.

By: MizL

Clear eyes

I live in downtown Boston. Love it, but when I moved in my eyes were always irritated. I looked like I had 2 pinkeyes. The germ guardian took care of that! These filters last a long time, so it's not a ridicules expense. When I change it, the old one is FULL of smog. Nice to toss that in the trash, instead of looking at red eyes everyday. I can only imagine the difference in my lungs!

By: K. B. Barkley "Jamaican Dreamer"

Reasonable Priced

Great deal & I didn't even have to leave my office. Every pet owner who keeps their hairy pets inside should invest in an air purifier & those with severe allergies I really think it's a MUST HAVE. Just keep these reasonable priced filters changed regularly & enjoy the clean fresh air you breathe daily.

By: Lou Alcantar

works just like it is supposed to

The filter arrived quickly and fit perfectly. It really helps to clean the air of dust and pollen. It has really helped with this years allergies

By: Georgia G. Armstrong "Pepper77"

Good filter

A good filter is a good filter. What else can I say. I did my research, purchased a great air cleaning system and then the filter to go with it. What more can I possibly add. I do think items of this nature are over-priced.

By: truck owner


Keeps my semi truck cleaner and dust free inside the cab. Purifies the air so I don't sneeze has much

By: Stephanie Kennedy

Good replacement filter

Never any problems, a good fitting replacement filter. It's amazing how much crud is in the air and you can certainly see it when you replace the filter.

By: Lenny


It remove the smoke and works in my room like a charm and will buy this item again when I need a new one.

By: MarcusIII

Heavy Smoker

Does a great job in freshening the smoke. I have been using germguardian for over a year, and I love it.

By: Antoinette Sweeten

Once again clean air

The product fit perfectly just like the original one for my table top air cleaning system. Next time I order, I will order enough for the year, so that I will get free shipping.

By: kit cat


so far so good haven't had it to long, but it fits my machine and is working great. thank you

By: Justin M Archey

Filter is great!

Love the system: this filter traps particulates and the UV light kills bacteria....just wish the actual air cleaner these filters went into was built better.

By: steven shepard

just what the dr. ordered

the old filter was pretty dirty and my son started to have issues from the dust that was not being collected by the filtering unit. the new filters showed up very fast after purchase and were a perfect fit. the price was reasonably. thank you

By: Jim Parker

as expected

smooth transaction, product was exactly as advertised. Thanks.

We use the air cleaner for our small bedroom. Really helps with the air quality.

By: J-Houston

Does what it says

Great filter, low cost and does exactly what it says. I run two of these germ guardian systems in my home and I can notice a big difference. I live in a home with 2 cats (which I am allergic too) and these really came through for me. Super easy to change with no mess and no worries.

By: H. Gibbs

Excellent Filter for an Excellent Air Purifier

We own three Germ Guardian air purifiers and use them in our living room and 2 bedrooms. They are excellent units, and the filters are highly effective at removing pollutants from the air. They last up to 6 months if cared for properly. I turn off the units and remove the filters at least once each month to clean them of the dust that accumulates on both the top and bottom sides. This extends their effectiveness and keeps our living areas free of allergens.