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PureGuardian® FLTDC Humidifier Demineralization Filter PureGuardian® FLTDC Humidifier Demineralization Filter
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PureGuardian® FLTDC Humidifier Demineralization Filter

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Product Information

PureGuardian® FLTDC humidifier Demineralization Filter, Cartridge #1, is easy to use. It helps to prevent the release of minerals (white dust) into the air. It simply screws into the humidifier tank and will last approximately 1,000 hours. This all depends on the condition of the water you are using in the humidifier as well as run speed. It is still recommended to clean your humidifier accordingly, based on the Manufacturer's Instructions. It is recommended to use with the PureGuardian® Models H1510, H1610, H4610, H4750, H4810, H5450 and H8000B


  • The decalcification Cartridge #1 is easy to use and helps to prevent the release of minerals (white dust) into the air.
  • Simply screw the cartridge intho the humidifier tank
  • One FLTDC Cartridge #1 should be replaced approximately every 1,000 hours of use depending on the condition of water you are using in the humidifier as well as run speed

For best results, it is recommended to clean your humidifier tank according to the manufacturer's instructions, before and during use of the filter and to use clean, fresh water.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 0.5lbs.
  • Dimensions: 3.4 x 3.4 x 3.1
  • Helps prevent the release of minerals (white dust)  into the air.

    The decalcification cartridge is easy to use. Simply screw the cartridge into the humidifier tank to help reduce the release of minerals (white dust) into the air.

  • How Often will I need to replace this cartridger?
    Approximately every 1000 hours of use or about 260 gallons of water depending on the condition of water you are using in the product.

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By: Francie


Using this filter really cuts down on the white dust!

By: Nance

Good filter

This filter has worked well I filtering our water in the humidifier. We have water issues & need the filter.

By: Low humidity


I use my Guardian practically every other night. High attitude, low humidity area. A big help for my sinuses!! However, even with the filter, the water comes out white so it's hard to tell how well it works. My reading glasses have a white film on them in the a.m. so I don't know. But I keep using the filters.

By: lorie

Cartridge WORKS

Cartridge seems to work. Don't know how long it will be effective.

By: none

Works as advertised. Very satisfied with this product.

see above

By: Lynda


Seems to work great! I wanted a decalcification tablet. Can't seem to get one. I have no idea what's going to happen when the calcium builds up around the heater.

By: Ducky

Excellent product

This product is expensive and worth every penny! I live in Canada, so the shipping and exchange rate was crippling. The bottom line is...it works, no more white dust.

By: Blacksmith Al

Works okay... but needs to be changed almost weekly.

Works well at first but after a week or so the mineral dust it's supposed to control gets progressively worse. Needs to be changed much more frequently than recommended in the directions.

By: Lee T

I'd give it a B+

It hasn't totally eliminated the white residue but it's probably 80% improved. It takes a few days to notice the difference, since I think the filter needs some priming. Definitely glad I got it and if it lasts at least 6 months, it's well worth the price.

By: Amazon Customer "melodious"

No more white dust!

I was using a water treatment for my humidifier and was still getting a white film all over my mirrors and furniture. I have not yet tried this filter on its own - without the water treatment - but with both I am not getting any more white dust. Sounds like lots of other reviewers are not having any success with this filter but I am glad that I gave it a shot because the white film is completely gone. I will update my review once I have tried it without the water treatment.

By: Vincent B Jones

White dust not eliminated, but better.

While the white dust created by the humidifier isn't eliminated, it is drastically decreased. It now takes a week to make my furniture as white as it used to in one day.

By: Charlene C. Mannigan

Perfect addition

Eliminates white dust build up and seems to push through the moisture easier. Fits perfectly within the lid. Well worth the money.

By: chickie11


This filter is exactly the one I needed. The price was good and the service great. It works very well.

By: Barry Giove

great product

Stops white dust produced by humidifiers. White dust is produced from the minerals in water and is not good to breathe.

By: Ruth

Good product

I really like this product, it has helped greatly with the issues that we were having with our water clogging the humidifier up.

By: Lisa Larsen "beadvenus"


These are good filters for our (filterless) humidifier. There is still a bit of white residue around in the morning but not nearly as much as before the filter. Thank you!

By: Helen O. Veeder "avid reader"

This filter is easy to install

This filter fits my Guardian humidifier easily and is reasonably priced. The combo of this filter and the humidifier is wonderful. No white dust anywhere.

By: James Moore

Use of Puregaurdian FLTDC Humidifier Decalification Filter with Tap Water Results in Minimal Deposit Issues

I purchased this product for use in a Puregaurdian humidifier which has operated continuously using "hard" well water. This humidifier utilizes a vibrating disc to produce either warm or cool water vapor. Calcium buildup on both the functional disc and the internal surfaces of the tank and base of the unit has been minimal, being second only to the results obtained from using distilled water. Upon filling the unit, any deposits are easily washed away. As a result of using the filter, the cost of filling the unit is greatly reduced, and the effectiveness of the humidifier is maximized.

By: Biblio Phil

Does the job

I would not run a humidifier without one of these. Worked very well for about 9 months and then needed replacing. Very satisfied.