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H1000P Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier by PureGuardian® H1000P Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier by PureGuardian®
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H1000P Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier by PureGuardian®

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Product Information

The Guardian Technologies™ PureGuardian® 12-Hour* Ultrasonic Humidifier is a cool mist humidifier.

Unlike other humidifiers that grow slimy mold on the water tank surface, the table-top ultrasonic humidifier uses Silver Clean™ technology embedded in the tank to fight the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the water tank. Thanks to ultrasonic technology, it is ultra-quiet when it runs making it ideal to have on while you sleep. It's the perfect size to take when you travel; it is small and compact and stands only 8-inches tall. The tank capacity is 875mL, and it runs continuously for over 12-hours*. There are no added costs with this humidifier since there are no evaporating pads, wicks or filters to clean or replace.

This humidifier comes with decorative decals for humidifier customization making it a great choice for kids. Also available in blue and dark blue. Order your PureGuardian® Ultrasonic Humidifier today!

It is important to only use GENUINE Guardian Technologies™ replacement parts to maintain product performance.

Ideal For

  • Small rooms


Mold & Mildew Resistant Tank
Silver Clean™ Technology: The water tank has been treated with a fungistatic agent to protect the surface of the tank from fungal and mold growth.

Cool Mist Humidification
Emits a cool mist into the air.

No Added Costs
No evaporating pads, wicks or filters to clean or replace

Ultra-Quiet Operation
Ultrasonic technology is ultra-quiet when running making it easy to have on while you sleep.

Space-Saving Design
Small and compact design makes it great for apartments, the office and small bedrooms

Low Water Indicator
Lets you know when it's time to refill the water tank

Product Specifications

  • SKU: H1000P
  • Weight: 1.25lbs.
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 8 x 9
  • Cord Length: 5'
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Run Time: Up to 12 hours
  • Manual: H1000P PDF Manual
  • The Guardian Technologies™ PureGuardian® Ultrasonic Humidifier uses a metal diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency to create water droplets that are expelled out into the room to help maintain the desired humidity level. An ultrasonic humidifier is virtually silent when operating.

  • Why should I use a humidifier?
    People need a certain level of humidity to be comfortable. In the winter, indoor humidity can be extremely low, and the lack of humidity can dry out your skin and mucous membranes. Low humidity also makes the air feel colder than it actually is. Dry air can also dry out the wood in the walls and floors of our houses. As the drying wood shrinks, it can cause creaks in floors and cracks in drywall and plaster. Dry air also increases static electricity.

    Does the product require regular cleaning?
    It is recommended to wipe out the water tank and base of the product on a regular basis; approximately every 1–2 weeks (depending on use). The Guardian Technologies™ PureGuardian® Ultrasonic Humidifier has Silver Clean™ Technology in the water tank, which helps to fight the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the water tank.

    When storing the unit, it is recommended to pour any excess water out and clean it with a soft, damp cloth. Let dry completely before storing.

    Are there any wicks or evaporating pads to replace?
    There are no wicks or pads to replace.

    What is ultrasonic technology?
    An ultrasonic humidifier uses a metal diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency to create water droplets. Thanks to ultrasonic technology the Guardian Technologies™ humidifier is virtually silent when running, making it easy to have on while you sleep.

    What is Silver Clean technology, and why is it used in your humidifier?
    Silver clean technology is small particles of silver embedded in the tank to fight the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the water tank.

    Where should I use the product?
    It is recommended that you place the product up on a table or nightstand and not on the floor.

    What is a comfortable humidity level?
    Forty to fifty-five percent (40–55%) humidity is considered within the comfortable range. Any humidity level below thirty percent (30%) is considered dry.

    Do I need to put in a certain type of water for my humidifier to work?
    You can use either distilled or regular tap water. If you have a high mineral content in your tap water, it may be preferable to use distilled water. Since distilled water is likely to contain lower mineral content than most tap, water it will prevent less build-up.

    How long is the warranty?
    The warranty is 3-years limited. For detailed warranty specifications please refer to the warranty section in the instruction manual.

    If you have further questions, please contact us at 1-866-603-5900

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By: Mary J. Mitchell "Jeannie"

Great Humidifier

I love this humidifier! It is not bulky like some others. I just put it on the night stand and enjoy getting the nice moist air which helps me with my allergy. I am glad that I bought it.

By: butterball

Just what we were looking for

Works great, very convenient size, easy to use, would have given it 5 stars except for the bright light, it is a pleasant blue.

By: Melarancio

Some Differences

I purchased one of these about 5 years ago for my desk. When my bedroom humidifier produced mold day after day and the cleaning took too much time, I decided to purchase this model. It looks the same BUT it puts out more mist and does not last through the night. It also has a light that illuminates the blue which lights up the bedroom - I like it dark. I put my desk humidifier in the bedroom and the new one on my desk - now everything is perfect. The silver technology is great - I have never had a mold issue with this humidifier.

By: Alma Guzman "alma"

Good size for the bedroom

This humidifier is a good size for the bedroom or a small living room. It works great, but you have to make sure that you keep it clean regularly otherwise it will start to smell. Additinally, the light is a bit bright to use at night in the bedroom. Other than that, we love it and use it during the winter when the air is a bit dry in our house.

By: Jennifer Hom

Small, sleek and functional

Our family has used this humidifier for five or six colds already. Although the steam doesn't seem to have very far reach, it must be working since my throat always feels better and I have less coughing when using it on my nightstand. I've also noticed that we all seem to get over our colds faster, most likely due to the fact that it helps us sleep more comfortably when sick. It has been very valuable in helping our two year old toddler during colds. He used to wake up crying in the middle of the night since he would have such a hard time sleeping. With the humidifier, he's able to sleep through the night and just get better. I've never had another humidifier, so I struggled with giving this product five stars without being able to compare it to anything else. Overall, I think it functions well and it scores high points for being so sleek and pretty at the same time.

By: R. Hoch

Excellent compact Humidifer

I first saw the Germ Guardian H1000 on the desktop of a co-worker. I searched the web for it and found the best price at Amazon. I originally bought it for work, but set it up on my nightstand to test it out and liked so much it never made it to the office. (I may have to get a second one for work.) It's compact size and efficiency are real selling points. I even used it in a recent production I was in, taking it to and from the theater every night. Most of the other performers in the cast wanted to know all about it and were also impressed. I highly-recommend it.

By: Liz Briggs

Great desktop humidifier

My office is really dry thanks to the terrible AC system, so everyone has been buying humidifiers to use in their cubicles. While the other girls at work got the Crane Hello Kitty one (which is HUGE and very pink) I decided I wanted a smaller and less obvious one for my desk, so I ordered this one. After using it for a few days I love it, and now my coworkers are all jealous of my small, effective humidifier. I plan on buying another one for my home desk now.

-Small size- takes up very little space on a desk, easy to move around
-Large output of cool air for its size
-Quiet- about the same noise level as our Dell computers
-Easy to refill (especially compared to larger ones)
-No filters needed
-Lasts about 8 hours (perfect for my workday!)

-There is a low blue light in this that can't be turned off. At work I can't even see it because I'm surrounded by fluorescent lights, but it might bother some people (although some might like it as a nightlight)
-There is only one setting for this humidifier. This doesn't concern me because I enjoy the amount of air it puts out, but I can see how other people would like more options

If you want a humidifier for your desk, or a similar small, this is the perfect one to get- but if you're looking for something to humidify an entire room, you might want something bigger.

By: Laura

great humidifier

This works great in my son's nursery. (It is a small room.) The product creates a subtle background noise, and it prduces a soft glow, which both help my son sleep. It is VERY EASY to clean, and it doesn't require filters. I've bought/returned several humidifiers, but this one is staying!

By: plushy55

Very quiet, clean

Love this product so far -- it's small and perfect for a nightstand. It doesn't leak and it's easy to fill up in the bathroom sink. It really is whisper quiet. The blue glow bothered me at first, but now I'm used to it.

By: Sue So "da pooh"

Relief in Denver

I love this cute, effective little humidifier. There's a little glowing light emitted by the unit so if you're light sensitive, you should look elsewhere. For our kids, it's perfectly dim, and quiet.

By: J. Olarte

Does just what it's supposed to do

This is a no frills table top humidifier. It is very small, makes little to no noise and does the job very nicely. The light (one of my concerns before purchasing) is very small and isn't even bright enough to light up our small bedroom. It's easy to clean and fill. I would definitely recommend.

By: Kimberly Courtney


I just love the germguardian. It is whisper quiet and puts out a fine mist. The only thing that I would change is the nightlight option if fully time. I wish I could turn it off.

By: SJMom

Perfect for a small child's room!

This has been a great humidifier. This purchase was to replace one which was lost during a move. This humidifier has worked wonderfully for our daughter's room. It doesn't get moldy, it's easy to refill and we couldn't be happier. We tried one of the character humidifier's for a while and it was hard to keep clean and more trouble than it was worth.

By: Karen Levy

Love the Pure Guardian Humidifer

I suffer from dry eyes and lately my condition is deterioating despite lubricating and prescription drops. My optometrist suggested i purchase a desk top humidifier. This little humidifier has made the world of difference.