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GermGuardian® EV9LBL UV-C GENUINE Replacement Bulb and TiO2 Disc for UV-C Air Sanitizer GermGuardian® EV9LBL UV-C GENUINE Replacement Bulb and TiO2 Disc for UV-C Air Sanitizer
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GermGuardian® EV9LBL UV-C GENUINE Replacement Bulb and TiO2 Disc for UV-C Air Sanitizer

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Product Information

GermGuardian® EV9LBL UV-C Replacement Bulb is a 9-watt bulb. The UV-C light fights germs, kills airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores. The light is a safe and natural way to kill germs without the use of chemicals and produces no ozone or chemical sprays. This bulb needs to be replaced every 10-12 months depending on use and environmental factors. It can be used with the GermGuardian® Air Sanitizer Models EV9102, REV9102 and GG3000BCA. The use of this genuine Guardian Technologies™ replacement part will maintain the product's performance.

  • 9 Watt bulb with the power of UV-C. UV-C light fights germs, kills airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores
  • The light is a safe, natural way to kill germs without the use of chemicals. Produces no ozone or chemical sprays
  • Replacement bulb for GermGuardian Air Sanitizer Models EV9102, REV9102 and GG3000BCA

Needs to be replaced every 10-12 months depending on the use and environmental factors. IMPORTANT: Use genuine Guardian Technologies replacement parts to maintain product performance.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 0.2lbs.
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By: mitch2366spfd

thank you

you were fast and good price

By: Eric Jones

works like a charm. :-)

It works like it's supposed to, easy to install with a phillips screwdriver. Just follow the instructions and take your time.

By: William T. Pool "wtp"

OK replacement bulb at lower price

I have bought an OEM bulb and a this cheaper version at the same time.. .. so I got to see a back to back comparison This bulb gets a slight negative on quality (flicker) comparison and does not contains the filter. Price is moderately lower. This cheaper unit worked fine but it flickers more when being turned on. I am undecided about which to buy next time - filter is easy to clean and the old one can be reused. I prefer the no or low fiicker when the OEM (this one) turns on, but once on they seem equal --- the flicker is only for a very brief period......when in operation I can't tell any difference.

By: Shortstop "lintreen"

FINALLY< a better bulb

Also had a lot of trouble with the Replacement bulbs. Found if I ordered thru Amazon, which sends the bulbs from Germ Guardian....they do work, and for a long time. Evidently, they are now procuring them from a different manufacturer....and I definitely see a big difference in the bulb.

The Germ Guardian itself is a terrific, compact unit, and have never had any fault with that. Have three of them in my home, and the difference is remarkable. The fact that they are quiet is a huge advantage. Have had other brands and quite noisy. I can carry this one with me to hotels, when I travel and is very light and convenient.

Have three of them in my home, and recently had severe brush fires in my neighborhood, but the smoke smell which was just outside my door, was dispelled immediately in my home. Please don't change manufacturers.

By: Grandad Mark

Good Product

Seems to last the season well. At my wife's High School classroom and my daughter's college apartment bedroom they have worked well.

By: L. Mooradian "Lilyan"

Germ Guardian

I purchased the Germ Guardian replacement bulb and filter. Service was prompt and as promised. Product works fine, the Guardian is doing it's job.

By: Earl McClary

Germ Guardian; Breath Clean Air

I have owned both the large and the small Germ Gaurdian units. Both units have worked well and I feel safer breathing the air inside my home as I know that as long as the units are on the air is free from many of the bacteria that can cause sickness. I and my family have noticed far fewer colds during the year and far less nasal and throat problems since operating the units in our house. The savings in not having to go to the doctor for antibiotics alone have paid for the units many times over...and we don't have to deal with down time due to illness. We have had to replace the bulbs in the units but only after a year or so of continuous use.

By: avr

nice n easy

Easy installation, includes bulb AND filter in one sealed package. Very nice - price is below than just for one bulb in other places

By: J. Epps

Does this kill harmful bacteria?

Does this kill harmful bacteria? It's hard to say for sure. I have had my Germ Guardian for a while, and when the bulb played out, I didn't get around to replacing it for a while, and I started to have allergy problems. After replacing the bulb, I started getting better, so I'm voting that it does.

By: Sunny

Packaging changed for the better

I purchased this a few months back and it was a big bulky packaged and I still needed to wash the filter. Now the new packaging is smaller and it comes with a replacement filter as well.

Supposedly this new replacement bulb is to last 1 year. I just replaced mine about 6 months ago. So I'm keeping an eye on this to make sure it was just a fluke that it lasted only 6 months. The replacements are not cheap but the air in the room smells so much better with the Germ Guardian.

By: GGecko "UhrTeufel"

Germ Guardian EV9LB Replacement Bulb & Filter for ALL EV9102 models

This product is a glass light bulb, so, when it arrived in an envelope, I was amazed that it arrived intact!

Anyway, it was a 'snap' to install and worked GREAT from the 'get go!'

The bulb that initially came with our new Germ Guardian only lasted six months, so I hope this one fares better!

BTW, when you disassemble the Guardian to install the bulb, check out how well-built this device REALLY is!

IMHO, it's built like a truck and should truly last a lifetime!