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AC4010 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, UV  Sanitizer & Odor Reduction, Table Top, by GermGuardian® AC4010 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, UV Sanitizer & Odor Reduction, Table Top, by GermGuardian®
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AC4010 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, UV Sanitizer & Odor Reduction, Table Top, by GermGuardian®

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Product Information

The Guardian Technologies™ GermGuardian® 3-in-1 Table-Top Air Cleaning System is the perfect air purifier for the home or office.

Small but powerful, its convenient compact size processes the air in a 200 square foot room every hour. This complete air cleaning system contains four powerful layers that: capture 99.97% of airborne allergens, kill airborne mold spores, fight germs and unwanted odors.

Order you GermGuardian® Air Purifier and start living clean today!

It is important to only use GENUINE Guardian Technologies™ replacement parts to maintain product performance.

Ideal For

  • Small rooms


Features & Benefits

True HEPA Filter
Captures up to 99.97% of airborne allergens such as household dust, pet dander, mold spores and plant pollens

UV Technology
UV light works with filters to kill germs.

Removes Odor
Removes odors and smoke particles from the air with activated carbon filter

Kills Airborne Mold Spores
Kills airborne mold spores and other allergens

Room Size
Processes the air in small to medium-sized rooms

Four Levels of Cleaning:

1. Charcoal Filter — Removes odors and smoke particles

2. True HEPA Filter — Captures 99.97% of allergens

3. PCO Filter — Captures and dissolves airborne bacteria and mold

4. UV Light — Works with filters to destroy germs

Product Specifications

  • SKU: AC4010E
  • Weight: 3.63lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 8.3 x 4.48
  • Cord Length: 4.5'
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Manual: AC4010E PDF Manual
  • Do I need to replace any filters?
    Yes. It is recommended that you change the HEPA and Charcoal Filter (combination, all-in-one filter) every 6-9 months depending on use to maintain an optimal level of air purification in your home.
    Where should I use the product?
    This product is recommended for indoor use only. Most people like to put the unit in rooms of their house where they spend the most amount of time such as the living room, bedroom and kitchen areas. It's great to have with you at work too.
    How long is the warranty?
    The warranty is 1-year limited. For detailed warranty specifications please refer to the warranty section in the instruction manual.
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By: Chowell

When nature attacks, Germ Guardian to the rescue!

I use this thing every night right by my bedside. It seems nature is trying to kill me, and I feel protected by this germ Guardian. lets be honest, some of us cheap/lazy people will never replace the filters unless we absolutely have to, and I haven't since I purchased it months ago. I haven't found any problems since not doing that but I'm sure there are benefits to changing it regularly. I do take the filter out and bang out dust and sometimes run some water over it and let it air dry before replacing it. Works great. Pretty quiet but still audible if you have a significant other who claims to hear every minute noise ever made. Husband says it's annoying but livable. How sweet of him to allow me to not die from allergies. Would buy again, and would happily recommend it to friends and family.

By: David Breaux

Works great for a small living room...

I think this unit functions just like it should. It isn't magic and wont clear a room in a few minutes, but give it 30 min to an hour and you will be quite surprised by this thing. Definitely glad i purchased it....

By: Sally

A quiet and solid value air purifier for small spaces.

I bought this for work to help hold the dust and germs down some and so far so good. It's very small but seems to move air well enough in my private office. I wouldn't put in on par quality wise with my Oreck air purifiers at home but I can't complain at this price. It also seems to be easily serviced for cleaning but I don't know how expensive it will be to replace filters yet. All things considered, I like it and will recommend it to friends.

By: N. Mims

Too noisy

I have the Germ Guardian wall plug-in units in all the rooms of my apt. & have had them for years. Decided to get this unit for my study as all the wall sockets in the rooms were blocked by furniture. It is very noisy (perhaps it is one of the units returned by previous commentors..ha, ha). I know it is doing the job, however, as there is a fine white film on the top of my black laptop computer each morning (formed by the ionizing process, and normal, I have now found out). There are so many other environmental noises in my apt., it isn't bothersome for me, but if someone wants a "Whisper-Quiet" appliance, this is not the unit to buy. NM

By: R. Verrando

Compact and quiet

This is compact and quiet. Collects a lot of dust and allergens. Cons are that this is my third one, and the first two didn't last a year. They quietly stopped working (though no doubt continued to draw current). Also, the filters cost $20.

By: Rick Allford

Compact design, perfect for desktop or bedroom nightstand

Nice looking compact unit, does good job of cleaning the air from my vapor cigs.I've been using it for a month, no problems.

By: SkyeHighRC

Worked well in our children's room - Good customer service.

We use this purifier in our children's bedroom. The fan on this unit was a little noisy at first, but we decided to keep it anyways. We are glad we did. We have a 2 year old still in diapers and the diaper pail just didn't really subdue the odors. This unit really helped to noticeably clear up the air. That noise that we heard at first graduated into a very loud rattle. We called customer service, which were very accommodating and helpful. They sent us a new unit without any hassle. The new unit sounds normal, like white noise, and doesn't have the same noisiness we first experienced in the original unit. Nice to get good customer service once in a while. Overall a good product with good support. I would buy another one.

By: LV

quiet, portable, seems to work as described

not sure how well it cleans but it definitely clears out VOCs, odors very quickly. I didn't see any dust stuck on the filter when I opened it but maybe the air in the room was relatively dustless. It won't pick up dust stuck to hardwood flooring though.

This unit is extremely compact and much quieter than my old Honeywell. It sounds like a very quiet motor thrumming on low, which is good enough for everyday use.

By: B-More Missy


I wish they sold this in stores & in white.. I have a farty mini-Manchester Terrier. this machine sucks up her gas and other odors with NO PROBLEM.. I LOVE IT.. Worth the $$ & weeklong wait.
I've read other people's reviews & they stated rattling/loud noises.. Mine doesn't have that issue at all.. thank goodness

By: jlin


Fantastic!!!! It works perfectively. So quiet. I put it in my office. Although the outlook is not fancy, but it improves my allergy.

By: Tiffany

All desks should come with this

I use this at work every day!!! Love it!! Makes your air a bit better and wish all office desks would come with one of these.

By: nanc

Great compact unit

I love the sleek compact design, It is not too loud but does make some noise, I noticed it working in the first hour, the room I placed it in is improving on the smell, I just bought another one to place it in my basement.


Take it to every Office

I travel for work and often encounter challenging air conditions at my clients. When I'm staffed on projects that provide consistent seating areas, I bring this unit along and put it on my desk. It kills all that inter-office crap flying around that causes shared-illnesses. :-) The 3-way cleaning is the best. Now when people visit my cube or office area, they all say 'it smells so good and fresh in here'. I point to my clean air system. Its great for small rooms and perfect for the office.

By: Heather McCornack

Great product

Very quiet, and so far so good. I am not sure exactly what it is cleaning but I have not had to change a filter yet.

By: Jennifer Hranitzky

Great for office

I work in a school district office where they clean the carpets once a year (during the summer) and if we are lucky, they get vacuumed once a week (when we are drowning in hold punched dots).......this has helped me tremendously during allergy season!!.......two other folks in my office also have one........the director of facilities even asked one of the other ladies about how effective it is while doing an environmental study of our building.......she couldn't say enough positive things about it!

By: Demontray Hankins


Works very well. You can definitely feel the difference in the air quality around the house. Very Quiet, very powerful.

By: Ben Franklin

Great Product!

This is a great air purifier. I noticed a new plastic smell at first, but it goes away after about a week of use. The filter seems well made and although it costs $20 to replace, it seems worth it for a good quality filter (which this unit seems to have). One reviewer commented about this unit having an ionizer - there is no indication of this being true. It has a UV light inside that kills germs. I like how the air flow comes out - it creates an umbrella above you and blows a gentle stream toward you that you can barely detect. It is quiet, but does create some white noise. After a couple weeks of use, I'm very please with this product!

By: Sam

Stinky roommate and cats!

I just bought two of these little things for my house I had a roommate that never bathed and left food rotting in his room... After said roommate finally found a new place to stay I cleaned up his room and put these in there! Worked great!! No more smell! I also keep one by my cat litter box to keep the odor under control. Works great and keeps the room from smelling like cats. Also both of my units are quiet as can be, even on high there's only a quite hum. Great products.

By: Midwestern Guy

Wife works next to hardcore smoker

My wife works in a cubicle close to a hardcore smoker. Neither of us smoke so a heavy smoker smell is just as offensive and pungent as urine to us. This unit fits well in her work space, is quiet, and most importantly neutralizes the heavy smoker smell of her coworker

By: Bunkster Brown

Excellent product

This thing is powerful, quiet, and really improves the air quality. It is also very effective at removing odors.

By: Karen Theriot

Great Purifier for small office

The Germ Guardian is a great purifier for a small office. I have purchased several for the offices at my company. The office air seems "cleaner" and one employee told me it helps reduced the odors of the smoker whose clothes smell like cigarettes when they return from lunch.

Great product!

By: M. Gould

Very happy with this product

I only use it when I am going to sleep. It is not completely quite--you can hear it, but I am already use to it. The most significant thing I notice is that I don't wake up with my nose stuffed. I am very happy with the results so far.

By: anissa

great little air purifier

I just received this a few days ago. As soon as ups delivered it I took it out of the box got it set up and it has been running ever since. I have it in my very small bedroom and we are smokers. I just returned a very bad air purifier that did not work so I am very impressed with this very small very quiet machine. I have had it on high since it was plugged in. It does not bother my sleep and the air quality in my room is much much better. There is no more stale smoke smell at all and I would recommend this to anyone. I will be buying one for every room in my house. Love Love Love it!!!!

By: K. Ludlow

Highly Recommend!!

Just received this tabletop model today, and am combining it with the black tower version in our large great room. I thought it wasn't working at first because on the low speed it is so quiet, I could barely hear it! Even on it's highest speed, it is so much quieter than an Oreck air cleaner we have in our bedroom. That one I actually have to turn on the lowest speed so we can sleep. I have noticed in just one day the difference it makes. The air smells fresh and clean, even with two dogs!

I recommend this particular brand because my doctor has one in every one of his patient rooms, including his reception area. I think if a physician uses it, then it's probably good enough for my family! I think it will definitely cut down on our colds, etc. this winter.

By: S. W.

cute little purifier

So I actually got this at Target for $59.99 + tax. It was the last one in stock and came no with manual. It was noisy for a small purifier so I thought something was wrong with it. The machine would rumble and shake with a loud reverberating sound, and got pretty annoying so I had to turn it off. A week later I went back to the store to exchange for a new one and the new machine was a lot more quiet and made less noise. I realized the first one I got might have been defective since it was the last one in stock and with the missing manual it might have been used. So if your purifier is making loud noises, make sure you return it for another one. I like how it is small, portable, and easy to carry wherever. The machine blows out a cool, gentle breeze like a mini fan which I like because it feels nice on warm days. I would leave the machine on for more than two hours and I can feel the difference in the my room. The room smells fresher and cleaner with the purifier. The good thing about this nifty little purifier is that it processes air up to 200 sq ft. so it's great for bedrooms and offices. You replace the filter every 6 months and it costs about $20. Somewhat expensive to replace filters but I would say half a year is a fairly decent amount of time.