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GG1100W Elite Pluggable UV Air Sanitizer, Odor Reduction by GermGuardian® GG1100W Elite Pluggable UV Air Sanitizer, Odor Reduction by GermGuardian®
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GG1100W Elite Pluggable UV Air Sanitizer, Odor Reduction by GermGuardian®

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Product Information

Germs beware! The GermGuardian Pluggable UV-C Sanitizer and Deodorizer provides your home with fresher, cleaner air. UV-C light reduces the DNA of germs eliminating their ability to reproduce. It's easy to operate and requires no set up or assembly. Its sleek and compact design is ideal for small spaces. Just plug it in to a wall socket to kill bacteria and fight odors mildew, pet areas and more. Ideal for small rooms such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.


Provides Cleaner Air: Provides cleaner air using the power of UV-C light technology. It provides cleaner, fresher air in your home.

Helps Reduce Odors: Helps reduce household odors caused by bacteria, pets, even from the diaper pail in your nursery.

Fights Germs: UV-C light technology works with Titanium Dioxide to reduce airborne bacteria, viruses, germs and mold spores. Carb Compliant.

Compact: Modern design sanitizer can be plugged into any wall socket and frees up valuable counter space. (Available in black or white).

Filter Free: There are no filters and only a single UV-C light bulb (model LB1000) needs to be replaced every six to eight months depending on use. IMPORTANT: Use GENUINE Guardian Technologies replacement parts to maintain product performance. 1 year limited manufactuer warranty.

Product Specifications

  • SKU: GG1100W
  • Weight: 0.65lbs.
  • Dimensions: 6.75 x 3.5 x 6.75
  • Input Voltage: 120V AC 60Hz
  • Bulb Wattage .4 AMP
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Manual: GG1100W PDF Manual
  • The Guardian Technologies™ GermGuardian® Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer utilizes ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light, the same technology used in hospitals, making it an effective way to kill airborne bacteria and mold spores without the use of chemicals.

    1. Air is drawn into the product by a fan
    2. Air passes through UV-C chamber and is exposed to UV-C light
    3. Fresh air is sent back out into the room
  • What is UV-C?
    UV-C is part of the ultra-violet light spectrum that is filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere. The “C” stands for the particular frequency of UV light that kills germs.

    Why is UV-C so effective at destroying germs?
    UV-C light is highly effective at penetrating thin-walled germs like viruses and bacteria. The light alters the genetic structure of the germs, and they die.

    Is this new technology?
    No. UV-C has been used to kill germs for almost 100 years. The first usage was in France in 1909 to disinfect their water system. This technology is still used today in hospitals, commercial buildings and custom homes to kill germs.

    UV-C Pluggable Air Sanitizer

    How big is the product?
    The Pluggable is about 6.5-inches tall and weighs approximately .65 pound.

    Is the product expensive to operate?
    No. The UV-C bulb uses less energy than a standard light bulb.

    How long will the bulb last?
    The UV-C bulb will last between 4,000 and 5,000 hours.

    Will I need to replace the bulb?
    Yes, after 4,000 hours the bulb will lose approximately 15% of its efficiency. To maintain optimum performance it is recommended to change the bulb.

    How do I know when I need to change my bulb?
    The bulb will flicker or change colors. That is an indication that the bulb is failing and needs to be replaced.

    Does the Pluggable emit ozone?
    No. The type of UV-C bulb used in the Pluggable is a special one that does not emit ozone out of the product.

    How long is the warranty?
    The Pluggable has a 1-year limited product warranty. See instruction manual for further warranty information.

    Does the product require regular cleaning or maintenance?
    The only recommended maintenance is to replace the UV-C bulb.

    Where should I use the product?
    The Pluggable can be used at home in an office environment, hotel rooms, doctor’s office, or anywhere indoors where there is a desire or need to sanitize the air and fights odors. The Pluggable is ideal for small rooms like the bathroom or bedroom. It is also great in pet areas or next to the diaper pail in the baby’s room. The Pluggable is not designed for outdoor use.

    Is the product safe around children or pets?
    Yes. The Pluggable is as safe as any other device that uses 120V of electricity. While all children and pets are advised not to play with the unit, there are no additional safety risks. The Pluggable is cool to the touch and safe around children and pets.

    If I buy the Pluggable, will I get sick?
    The purchase of a Pluggable does not prevent illness.

    If you have further questions, please contact us at 1-866-603-5900

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By: benareviews

Nice small air sanitizer!

I use the GG1100 UV Air Sanitizer in my bedroom, it looks nice on the wall and really does help clean the air with the UV-C light and titanium dioxide. I like the design it's modern and attractive, not bulky and runs smoothly. The only downside is how loud the small fan is, but then again all fans are usually noisy. Good purchase for the price.

By: YukonJack

They do what they are designed to do...but they are a bit loud!

As stated in my review summary, these work great to sanitize the air but the fan noise is a little too loud.

By: Venie

Works very well.

I share my home with seven indoor cats. The litter boxes are in one room and I had noticed odors from time to time even though I keep the boxes clean. I bought two of these devices and plugged them in in the same room. Within hours the odors were completely gone! Plus the room has continued to stay fresh. I can recommend these highly.


works but problem staying plugged in

The outlet sanitizer plug in unit works well, except that when it arrived and I opened the box and plugged it into the wall, it would not stay plugged in. It tipped outward like it would fall out of the outlet. The other unit that is just the same that came in the same order was fine.

By: Alexis

Small but powerful!

I love, love, love this air purifier! It plugs right in to the wall. I could smell and feel a difference after one night of using it. Extremely quiet and works powerfully for being so small. Happy customer and will continue to purchase GermGuardian purifiers and products in the future!

By: Steph

Great product, deliverer quickly.

We got a second cat and our house started to smell a little more like animals so we bought two of these to run near the bathrooms/litter boxes. Order these one afternoon and they showed up the next day. Amazingly fast! For such small little devices they work wonders. After just one day the air smells totally clean. I can no longer smell the litter boxes and the house overall is odor free. The one downside is the units are not whisper quiet and make some white noise background.

By: Rescue mom

Buy this product. You won't regret it.

Three cats. One dog. Two kids. Home cooked meals. Lots of odors. I've bought every product on the market to combat those smells. Febreeze. Candles. Scentsy. Air fresheners. None of it really works. Finally decided to splurge and buy this. I'm so glad I did. Works quickly and perfectly. I will NEVER be without this product again. I love not having a litter box smell in my hom . Buy this product. You won't regret it.

By: Pamela

Attention All Pet Lovers!

I recevied the Germ Guardian Elite as a gift and I am here to purchase another. I have two cats and a litter box that I clean daily but still, I spend too much time worrying about if the house smells like kitties. I plugged in the Guardian and gave myself 24 hours to see if I noticed a difference in the air quality where the litter box is located. This device does it's job. A day later I could truly detect the purity of the air flow and the absence of all smells really fascinated me. I've never been in an environment where the air was so clean. It is worth the money. Be aware it does make a low "white noise" sound while plugged in that I find soothing.