Air Filters

House Dust is Nothing to Sneeze At

For millions of Americans, the world is a sneezy, wheezy place, filled with normally harmless substances that their bodies recognize as enemies. Of all the enemies, there's one almost no one can escape: house dust.

Always Use Genuine Replacement Parts

At first glance, online marketplaces seem like the best way to go. They offer a large variety of products, responsive customer support and helpful reviews, however, as a shopper, it can be hard to differentiate between verified listings and counterfeit goods. While familiar brands and low price tags can be enticing, are you accustomed to seeing past a third­party seller with generic, even knock­off products?

Air Filter Benefits

Guardian Technologies™ has you covered in providing the air filter best suited to your particular living situation. All of our Air Filters are either: HEPA-Type, True HEPA or Pet Pure® HEPA, each with their particular benefits.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality, or IAQ, describes how the air inside your home or workplace can affect a person’s health, comfort and ability to work. It can include temperature, humidity, lack of outside air (aka ventilation), mold from water damage or exposure to other chemicals. While currently OSHA has no IAQ standards, it does provide guidelines about the most common workplace complaints. 

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