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Pet Allergies

by Morris Nejat, MD When it comes to pet allergies, man’s best friends may often be his worst enemies. Numerous times a day, I come across patients who end up being allergic to a favorite animal or are concerned that they may be allergic to their pet. Before you start point...

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How to Reduce Animal Dander in the Home

Do you begin to sniff and sneeze the minute Fido enters the room? Then you may very well be allergic to dogs or ...

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Allergic to Dogs? Here is What You Can Do

Many people are allergic to dogs. If you are allergic to dogs, your allergy being serious enough to warrant emergency, you may have no choice but to give up your dog. But if your allergy is mild, you might have other options. While only your doctor and you can determine the best solution to the p...

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What is Cat Dander Allergy & How to Reduce or Control Allergies for Cat Dander

Cat Dander Allergy Read any article on allergy and asthma triggers. What do you find? Avoiding cat dander as well other animal dander and allergens tops every list of recommendations. Perhaps you or someone in your family has allergies and asthma. Is cat dander and allergen a real threa...

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Children With Allergies

Childhood Allergies: What Should Parents Know? Bruce Pener, MD The incidence of allergies in children has increased significantly in the last two decades. There are now more children with asthma, hay fever, and eczema than ever before. Closely following this increased p...

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