Being physically active involves moving your body and using energy at an intensity that makes you warm and breathe a bit deeper than usual (such as brisk walking). Anyone can do this and achieve a healthier lifestyle!

Physical activity is a general term, used to describe doing everyday activities the active way! There are many types of physical activity: walking, housework, gardening, playing with children or grandchildren, washing the car, climbing the stairs, dancing, and exercise (such as swimming or cycling).

Try taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle, which could include everyday physical activities such as walking, vacuuming and mowing the lawn. All these activities are great ways to attain a healthier lifestyle.

Feeling adventurous? You could go for a brisk walk on nature paths on the weekend. As you increase your physical activity over the weeks, you’ll find it gets easier, meaning your healthier lifestyle is having a positive effect.

You can find more physical activity information in our frequently asked questions section.

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