PureGuardian HTR410B 27" Oscillating Whole Room Tower Heater & Fan

HTR410B Oscillating 27" Whole Room Tower Heater and Fan with Remote Control

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PureGuardian HTR410B 27" Oscillating Whole Room Tower Heater & Fan

HTR410B Oscillating 27" Whole Room Tower Heater and Fan with Remote Control

In Stock
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Product Overview

The PureGuardian Tower Heater, with remote control, offers warmth on chilly days or a cool breeze on those warmer days. Designed for home or office use, this Tower Heater takes up very little space yet can warm an entire room. The widespread oscillation propels warmth or cool air evenly throughout the room, offering 80 degrees of oscillating motion. The slim, 27 inch Tower design, powerful 1500 watt maximum heat output offers quick, comforting heat.

  • Oscillation Control Icon Oscillation Control
  • Convenient Remote Control Icon Convenient Remote Control
  • Auto Climate Control Icon Auto Climate Control
  • Easy to Use Icon Easy to Use
  • Whole Room Warmth: 1500 Watt Heater with 2 Settings Provides Warm Air
  • Cool Breeze Fan: Fan Only Mode with 2 Speeds Helps Cool the Room
  • Auto Climate Control: Programmable Heater Thermostat and Timer Maintain Your Ideal Room Temperature
  • Quickly Enhances Comfort: Oscillating Tower and Powerful Airflow Design Provide Whole Room Coverage
  • Safe: Automatic safety shut-down, tip-over switch, cool touch case and overheat protection

Does the heater turn off if it falls or tips over? - SPECS

Yes, the heater is equipped with a safety tip-over-switch and will shut off if the heater falls or tips over.

Does the heater turn off automatically? - SPECS

Yes, the heater will automatically shut off after 12 hours of operation. 


Will this heater maintain a set temperature? - SPECS

Yes, by selecting the automatic temperature touch control, the display numbers will blink until set. Press the arrows to move the temperature up/down. 


What is the temperature range? - SPECS

The digital thermostat control allows you to choose 59°-95° Fahrenheit. The default setting is 77°.


Can I change the temperature Fahrenheit to Celsius? - SPECS

No. The unit only displays Fahrenheit. 


Why are two different temperatures displaying on the heater?

If the timer and the temperature are both set, the display screen will rotate between the two at 30 second intervals. 


Why the Up/Down buttons are not working?

The arrow buttons only work when the temperature control or timer control has been selected. Be sure you are pressing the direct area of the arrow icons. 


Why doesn’t the unit shut off when I turn it off?

The fan temporarily stays on to cool the unit down. 


Why won’t my unit turn on in heater mode?

If a temperature below the room temperature is selected, the unit will not turn on. 


How do I turn the oscillation off? 

To turn the oscillation feature off, press the oscillation icon on the display. When the heater is in automatic temperature control, the oscillation function will stop when the set temperature is reached and resume when the heater is turned on. 


How do I clean the heater?

Press the power button to turn the heater off. Unplug the appliance before cleaning. Never immerse the heater in water or any other liquid. The debris screen can be removed and vacuumed. Open the screen door on the side of the unit by pulling the 2 tabs then removing the door. Vacuum any dust from the screen, if there is an extreme amount of dust on the screen, it can be removed and gently washed with hand soap. Screen MUST be completely dry before returning to the unit.

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1 Year Limited Warranty

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Product Specs
  • Weight: 10.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8.25” x 8.25” x 27.25”
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