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November 2011

Find the Perfect home Environment Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your List

The air is filled with the sounds of the season: the jingle of bells, the melody of holiday music and the ringing of cash registers, as we prepare for the holidays. Soon, shoppers will be hitting the malls, department stores and specialty shops to pick out the perfect gift for everyone on their list. They will also fret over selecting the ideal item for even the hardest person they have to shop for. Continue reading...


October 2011

Help Purify Your Indoor Air this Winter

with Guardian TechnologiesTM Home Environment Products

Every winter we button up our homes to keep out the drafts and keep in the heat. Good for our utility bills, but bad for our indoor air quality. Unfortunately, the double-paned windows, insulation and weatherstripping that keep the heat in also block the fresh, clean outside air from coming in! Continue reading...


September 2011

Cold and Flu-Proof Baby & Kids this Fall, Winter Season

with Guardian Technologies® Home Environment Products

It’s 3 a.m. and the sounds of coughing, sniffling and crying are suddenly echoing through the monitor on your nightstand. It’s inevitable; it’s winter. Parents dread those times when their children are sick - sleepless nights, that helpless feeling of not knowing what is wrong and the countless things you’ll do to make them feel better. Winter - with its dry air, freezing temperatures and cold and flu ‘bugs’ - can wreak havoc on the fam- ily, especially children and babies. The lack of humidity in the air can not only dry out skin, but also the lining of the nostrils, making them more susceptible to viruses and germs. Sadly, you can’t block the allergens, germs and other viruses that can make your child feel under the weather, but you can take measures to help them feel a bit better. Continue reading...


August 2011

Back to School: 101

Keep Kids Out of Bed & In the Classroom

Let’s face it…the new school year is upon us! For parents, that means rushing around to get every item on the supply list, a stop or two at the grocery store to stock up on healthy snacks for packed lunches, and finding new ways to keep your student in school learning, rather than at home, sick from the myriad of germs they are bound to come into contact with. Continue reading...


May 2011

Controlling Asthma & Your Indoor Air Quality

Uncovering harmful elements inside your home and workplace

Poor Indoor Air Quality has become a growing health concern and pollutants in the home often aggravate asthma symptoms and attacks. According to the American Lung Association, the most common pollutants are radon, combustion products, biological and microbial (molds, pet dander, pollen), volatile organic compounds, lead dust and asbestos. Continue reading...


April 2011

Just in time for spring allergy season!

Guardian Technologies® expands germguardian® air purifier line-up

While this time of year typically means an end to snow for many of us, it is also the start of another seasonal foe: spring allergies! April showers may help new plants and flowers blossom, but this rain also brings more moss and mold growth, triggering allergy symptoms for the nearly 40 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies. Continue reading...


March 2011

Why do I need UV-C in my air purifier?

UV-C technology beneficial in the fight for high-quality indoor air

Indoor air can often be very low or poor quality air. When we leave our windows shut, air is constantly recirculated throughout our homes. Over time this air becomes stagnant and bacteria, molds and yeasts become concentrated causing inflammation of mucous membranes, upper respiratory problems and aggravating asthma and other breathing ailments. Continue reading...


February 2011

Preparing for a Mid-Winter Getaway?

Cold & flu season is still in full force, stay healthy before you travel

Cold and flu season is still upon us and the experts emphasize that prevention is the key weapon in the fight to stay healthy. Handwashing and flu shots are commonly-known measures people use to prevent getting sick; however, another important way to reduce the spread of germs this winter season is by making sure the air humidity level in your home or workplace doesn’t contribute to making you sick. Continue reading...