Tailgate Alert

Tailgate Alert

In Stock In United States

Tailgate Alert

Tailgate Alert

In Stock In United States
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Product Overview

Never back into something or lose your expensive possessions because your tailgate was left down! The Tailgate Alert sends a red signal that can be identified in the driver’s side mirror alerting the driver that the tailgate was not raised and locked into place – a potential unsafe and costly hazard!


The Tailgate Alert system contains only 3 components that are securely affixed to the inside of the truck bed and the outer edge of the truck. Installation only takes a few moments!


Within several seconds of the tailgate being opened a red LED light begins to flash. When aligned with the driver’s mirror this flash can be easily detected before driving away with gear unsecured.


System easily runs off 2 AA batteries, included. The long lasting LED bulb flashes yellow when it’s time to change the batteries.


Including Ford, Chevy, GMC, Ram and Toyota. The Tailgate Alert system has the option to be permanently attached to your vehicle with screws (included).


U.S. Design Patent No. D749439

WARNING: CONTAINS STRONG MAGNETIC SENSOR. Can be harmful to pacemaker and other medical implants. Keep credit cards, computer disks, and other magnetic storage devices away from magnet. Keep electronic devices, such as computers, away from equiptment because exposure to the magnetic field may result in malfunction or permanent damage to such devices.

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