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J. Luke from Washington DC on the Guardian Technologies EV9102 UV-C Air Sanitizer - I've had this product running 24/7 for several years now. I had some flooding issues in the basement and could smell a musty odor until I ran the Germ Guardian 24/7. The smell is gone. The first bulb lasted over 2 years. I bought a twin pack, each bulb lasting just a few months. Germ Guardian replaced both - great customer service! I can hear the fan but it is not loud.

F. Hinds on the Guardian Technologies EV9102 UV-C Air Sanitizer - I bought my Germ Guardian over two years ago and it continues to run without problems. My administrative assistant laughed and made all sorts of jokes about it in my office but after she was out sick three times to my none, she didn't think it so silly anymore!

I would recommend this for an single room, office or cubicle setting. We also have a Honeywell UV in the home HVAC for the whole house. We have been very healthy for some time until recently when I noticed that the bulb burned out. Coincidence?

I have the stainless steel model. It is very well built. It looks like some kind of Star Trek device. I wanted the metal housing because the UV rays will break down the plastic housing of other units over time.

Joanna from Minneapolis, MN, USA on the Guardian Technologies EV9102 UV-C Air Sanitizer - Every morning I'd wake up with sinus congestion. I attributed this to dust mites and did what I could ... mattress covers, etc. ... which helped to an extent ... but when I put this in my bedroom and left it on overnight, I awoke the next morning to no stuffy nose! Highly recommend!

Christopher from Evergreen CO. on the Pure Guardian H4500 120 Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier - When I first moved to the high mountains (8400') of Colorado, I used a wick-type humidifier constantly. I also had a nasty little cough that stayed with me for 18 months. Finally, I took my doctor's advice and junked the humidifier. End of cough, due to things growing in the unit. I have been shopping for humidifiers again for a while, and found them all to be lacking severely. Either they were the same type of filter construction that had caused my illness, or they were cheaply made, or low-capacity. This unit may have a tippy storage tank when turned upside-down to fill, but it is well made.

The screw-on cap for the reservoir is sturdy and has a rubber gasket. There are carrying handles on the top and bottom of the water container to make it easy to manage, and it puts out a LOT of humidity. At 2/3 setting, it ran the humidity in my bedroom from 22 to 35% the first night, all while being completely silent.

This thing is great. The silver (yes, they impregnate the plastic with silver) added to the water chamber means that there is virtually no scum build-up inside. I did clean it once in the time I have had it. The little metal diaphragm of the ultrasonic element is brass not silver, so I do wipe that off every now and then, but this thing is fantastic. I always run filtered water in it. If you don't, you are either leaving the unfiltered residue in the tank, or blowing it out into your room! Give your sinuses, musical instruments and wood furniture a nice gift.

Cheryl on the Pure Guardian H4500 120 Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier - This is our second humidifier we've purchased from this manufacturer. We originally bought the one with the alarm clock, which is a great product and now we decided to buy this one. It is much more powerful & keeps our house very comfortable. (the original one we bought is in our bedroom). It's definitely a benefit that you don't have to constantly buy new filters.

Gandalph from West Virginia on the Pure Guardian H4500 120 Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier - I heat my house with wood heat and I needed two new humidifiers. After reading lots of reviews I liked this one because it has a large reservoir, it is quiet and it has the choice of cool or warm mist. After running them for a week they are great. The 2.5 gallon reservoir lasts all day and night set at about 80% setting. It is very quiet except for a little glug when the water drains into the unit.

Elaine From Facebook: "How generous. My sister uses the travel size one plus home version. It's really worth the $ spent! Makes a big difference."
Justin From Akron: "This is a great product [EV9102]. Looks cool and works just as well."
Connor From Facebook: "Just have to say my new table top unit is working great, you can tell the difference when you walk into my bedroom. ... I work in the pharmacy [Target] and I will totally tell my patients how happy I am with the product."
Wendy From Facebook:  "I always have issues with flu/dust/allergies, this product is amazing!!!! Just pure air!! I love it!"  
Bella From Facebook: "Great product! Very innovative!"
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